Press Release 12.22.2000

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Millennium Inc. partners to Register & Market Multilingual Domain Names

California, December 22, 2000 -- Millennium Inc.; Home of the a US-based global technology solutions provider; signs an agreement to partner, a US-based global provider of innovative Multilingual.Multilingual Internet & email solutions and to offer initially in the USA and expanding in Europe, The Middle East and the rest of the World the First truly working Server-Based Arabic Domain Name Registration capability developed by Many Companies and all interested individuals will finally be able to reach web sites using any Arabic Domain Name written in %100 Arabic characters URL, thanks to advanced multilingual technology.

Native Names Domain Name System is a robust technical solution that works on the core DNS. It co-exists with the current system without disruption and is capable of offering global resolution of multilingual domain names (all commonly used non-English languages) across all commonly used Internet protocols like http, ftp, email, telnet, gopher etc.  Native Names complies with the ASCII Compatible Encoding (ACE) and fully supports UTF-5, UTF-8, CIDNUC, SACE and other local encoding.

Although there are a large number of sites on the Web that cater to audiences in their native languages, all of them require that the domain name be an English language character set. This has forced some sites to use unconventional names to make them more familiar and easily remembered by their audience. For example, a few non-English Web sites use a string of numbers as their domain name because a number is easier for many non-English speaking people to remember than an unfamiliar English name.

Dr. Asaad Yahya Alnajjar, CEO & President of Millennium Inc., stated " I have explored many solutions and competitive technology alternatives, so far is the best working Arabic Solution. It is just a matter of time to get all the existing ISP's to patch and upgrade their BIND till such a time the new international BIND version is installed globally. Meanwhile, the customers in the areas that the ISP's does not yet support Multilingual can install as a temporary modification solution a DNS download within minutes. Arabic virtual keyboard will be available to all customers to accommodate typing in Arabic alphabet without an Arabic keyboard."

Mr. Jarallah Aljarallah, COO & Cofounder of, stated " Native's global strategy is to work closely with valued partners located in every country in the world. This includes collaboration with government bodies, local Internet authorities, Internet Service Providers, amongst others to jointly promote Native Names back-end technology in the indigenous cultural context. The mission of Native is to enable people all around the world to fully utilize the Internet in their native languages. By offering multilingual Internet protocols, Native seeks to bridge the gap that has hindered Internet access for non-native English speakers of the world. We have selected to partner Millennium Inc. for our marketing campaign for their well established position among many global entities and for their versatile flow of concepts, ideas & strategies."

Recently Millennium Inc.,, and many other leading registration entities has formed AINC in a joint effort with MINC & ICANN to standardize the Multilingual operations in general and to address all issues revolving around the Arabic Language. For Arabic as an example, the issue has not yet been settled between the widely used gTLDs "name.shareka" and "name.shabaka" vs. "name.sheen" and "name.kaf" as adopted by some competitive technologies.


About Corp. was established in 1999 in Los Angeles, California. The mission of Native is to enable people all around the world to fully utilize the Internet in their native languages. By offering multilingual Internet protocols, Native seeks to bridge the gap that has hindered Internet access for non-native English speakers of the world. is an end-to-end multilingual Internet naming solutions provider. Native Names is providing a multilingual Internet names technology in many different languages to many customers around the world that allows people to use their native languages when using the Internet.

Native strongly believes in the necessity and demand for this technology and is looking forward to sharing its vision with the world.

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About Millennium Inc.

Millennium Inc. Home of the; a privately held Delaware Corporation; is a global organization specialized in Advertising, Networking, and Worldwide Marketing of technology solutions and products directed to serve the USA, North America, all the Middle Eastern Countries and all the Arab Speaking cultures around the World.  

Asaad Yahya Alnajjar, P.E., CEO-President, founded Millennium Inc. April 1998 and has been actively involved with many international firms, governments, non-profit organizations and many associations to develop and deliver many Multi-Lingual based solutions and technology excellence. Dr. Alnajjar was among the first founding members of the Multilingual Internet Names Consortium (MINC) and is part of it's Arabic WG (AINC) in an effort to reach a global multi-lingual DNS standard 

Dr. Alnajjar expressed Millennium's Inc intention to be among the leading World Providers of Arabic Alphabet Innovative tools, and to be among the leaders in Arabic Indexing and effective search for the internet , Arabic Text to Speech, and Bi-directional Machine Translation from and To Arabic. The next step we are currently pursuing is to provide innovative Global Arabic Language WAP based technology solutions.

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